Holy Mother Queen of All
Panagia Pantovasilissa Greek Orthodox Church
The Light of Christ in the Commonwealth

Our parish priest, Fr. Cosmin Sicoe, gave the sermons presented in these archives. The first part of the sermon is the children’s sermon and the second part is the sermon for adults. Enjoy listening!

Having a Vision - Personal Level

Having Vision As a Church

Having a Personal Relationship With God

The Holy Liturgy - Heaven on Earth

The Incomprehensible Love of God

Baptism - Our Answer to God's Love

Christmation - Becoming Priests and Kings of God's Creation

God's Preparation for Holy Communion

Our Preparation for Holy Communion - Prayer and Confession

Our Preparation for Holy Communion - Fasting


Thankfulness and Greed

Look Up!

Love Given and Refused

Imperfect Families