Holy Mother Queen of All
Greek Orthodox Church
The Light of Christ in Kentucky


Holy Mother Queen of All GOC is a community of Christians in Lexington, Kentucky, who are following the ancient tradition of the Orthodox Church, which was established by Christ and born in Jerusalem at Pentecost. Our mission is to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ, throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our life in the Orthodox Church is one of worship, fellowship, and evangelism, all centered in Jesus Christ. As Orthodox Christians, we are called to be the Light of Christ in Kentucky! God is waiting for you at Holy Mother Queen of All GOC. You are always welcome in the House of the Lord. May God continue to bless the City of Lexington, and our beloved Commonwealth of Kentucky!



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Bake Sale



Thursday, April 14th & Friday, April  15th

(Because of COVID restrictions, we are only doing pre-orders)

Deadline was April 1st



Pick up is by last name (if your schedule permits, exceptions OK)

   A-M is April 14th  9am-5:30pm

   N-Z is April 15th  9am-5:30pm


You can pay with a check made out to Philoptochos with order (preferred)

or credit card


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Holy Mother Queen of All GOC

3001 Tates Creek Road

Lexington, Kentucky 40502